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The Culture of Misplaced Priorities

Hello to anyone reading this,

I’m almost never political but my country forces me to not be silent on the injustice that is rampant in our society. How will the President give gifts of gold-plated iPhones to the guests at his daughter’s wedding. First of all who even knew this dude had a daughter of marrying age? I thought Pepe was sterile. But back to the point, this idiot, his daughter and the rest of the idiots that entertained the fact that the hard earned sweat of their fellow Nigerians would be squandered on diamond encrusted photo frames and fucking gold-plated iPhones.

My problem with this is that no one saw how overindulgent this whole charade was. It is commonly accepted that Nigerians are extremely loud spenders, this cuts across the board from the old money to the nouveau riche. But these nouveau riche kids feel the need to take the piss as concerns to this pretty accurate stereotypical trend. It’s not only highly distasteful but it borders on plain trashy and completely unnecessary. Instead of the union that was taking place under the noses of the guests, the main priority was getting their crummy hands on the sparkly gifts.

Things like this make me disgusted at the fact that I’m Nigerian, but my disgust won’t help this rampant corruption. Our country needs an uproar, a complete revolt by the intelligentsia. Nigerians need to open their eyes to the injustice and dispel this culture of misplaced priorities.

I’m just over this shit.

Love always,
Your Favourite Skinny Girl

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More matters of the heart

Hello to anyone reading this, 

It’s funny, but past relationships constantly make you learn a little more about yourself. In the past 3 years, I’ve known love, regret and heartbreak. I’m going to give a somewhat breakdown as to how each of these three things have affected me as a person, the way I view myself. 


At the age of 16 I fell in love for the first time and as fate would have it, I had never been more conscious or more attentive to another person’s feelings towards me. Thankfully, my first love loved me right back and with hindsight I’m happy that was the case because life gave me a pretty rosy introduction to the most amazing and the most frustrating of all human emotions. He was jealous when I wanted him to be, he told me all the sweet nothings I needed to hear. To me this was perfection, not saying that there weren’t points where I wanted to smash his head in with a brick, but we went through it together (Long distance btw). Then lack of communication set in and I became locked out of his life, but I knew that I was not being given what I deserved and I ended things. 


In all my relationships I haven’t really regretted anything, except the first time I ever cheated. This guy was the definition of the word loyal, but at the time it all happened so quickly. I was still trying to deal with the pain of losing my first love and I let someone pay the price for those unhealed wounds. At first I didn’t feel so bad, but then reality set in, what I never wanted to be done to me I did to someone completely undeserving of such treatment. Even now I still speak to him and a pang of guilt shudders through me. I shouldn’t have done what I had done, but I did it and that was the end of another relationship. 


I could write a book on this topic. LOL. But really though, if I did it would be long, angry and bitter. But instead of contemplating on the hurt I have experienced, I will tell you the #1 lesson I have learned from each one of these heartbreaks, I have learnt to love myself unconditionally. Anyone who has me on snapchat knows that I love myself quite a bit. I have become extremely comfortable in my skin, I can walk outside with no makeup on my face and still feel like a million dollars. I ask the very best of and for myself, which is often mistaken for high maintenance, but this has helped me develop a very high sense of self-worth and with a each heartbreak I learnt more and more about myself. 

Okay that’s all for now. More mind vomit when I have the inspiration to say something. 

Love always, 

Your Favourite Skinny Girl

To love oneself is not to love your own image, but to love the little things that make you perfectly imperfect.
Your Favourite Skinny Girl
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Black Ivy Panther 
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Black Ivy Panther 


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Let go, or be dragged.
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ignoring someone you truly care about because they hurt you is one of the hardest things in life

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